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ACRE Touts Multiple Participation Medals

While the incumbent claims the “department is a model of innovation, efficiency and inclusion and is recognized as a leader,” all the ‘recognition’ listed on the office’s website come from vendors or have been self-nominated.

San Mateo Star Awards as generated by the county public relations:

  • Elections Wait Time Widget Tool

  • Equity and Inclusion Initiatives in SMC Elections for working with advisory committees (regardless of whether or not they embraced any of their recommendations).

2021 ESRI SAG Awards Given to paying customer of ESRI mapping products

National County Association Achievement Awards “The program is a non-competitive awards program that seeks to recognize innovative county government programs. One outstanding program from each category will be selected as the “Best of Category.””

U.S. Elections Assistance Commission Award “Most Creative and Original ‘I Voted’ Sticker”

LiveHelpNow Award Given to paying customers of LiveHelpNow LLC.


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