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David's Vision​

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Three Vital Functions of Tax Assessor, Clerk-Recorder and Elections Under One Roof

From birth to marriage, property ownership, and civic engagement in elections, the Assessor, County Clerk-Recorder, & Chief Elections Officer is there for the community at key times in our lives. San Mateo County residents deserve non-partisan officeholders dedicated to leading with subject matter expertise in overseeing the office’s complex operations, ensuring transparency and accessibility for all.


Tax Assessor determines the proper taxable value for each property so the owner is assured of paying the correct amount of property tax annually.

Full participation in the democratic process starts with transparency in the county’s tax base and how much we all are contributing.


Your property tax assessment compared to your neighbors



County Clerk-Recorder oversees document recording including real property records, certificate copies (e.g., birth, marriage, death), marriage ceremonies and filings, and much more.

San Mateans deserve accountability to provide the best customer experience possible including improved self-service options and backend efficiencies for archive preservation, data conversion, and document storage.


Chief Elections Officer

Elections Office is responsible for conducting fair, impartial, accurate, secure and transparent federal, state and local elections, including voter registration, election administration, and campaign finance disclosures.

David is committed to ensuring all who are eligible have the tools they need, the equipment they trust, the information and access they deserve, and the right they value in order to participate as voters and candidates in the elections process.

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