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Clerk-Recorder Document Storage and Restoration

The Board of Supervisors today, October 5, adopted a resolution authorizing a $3 million agreement with Kofile Technologies, Inc. for archive restoration, preservation and data conversion services.

This project is long overdue considering the vendor undertook an thorough assessment of county records including property maps and marriage, death, birth certificates back in 2013.

These vital clerk recorder files currently take up over half of the space in Tower Road’s downstairs warehouse which could be better used for storing election division documents including voter affidavits and records from past elections.

There are few companies who do what Kofile Technologies does in terms of government record preservation, organization, and storage. Much of the money will go directly to compression filing systems which allow for more documents to be organized in less space.

Elections currently has 2,500+ boxes/items at a storage company in San Jose. As we move to district elections and take Voter’s Choice to the next level and a paper trail more essential, staging all the materials for each election at Tower Road facilities will be an increasingly complex endeavor.

Its a wonder why the County Clerk-Record Division waited this long to move forward in the preservation of critical historical records. Better late than never. Thank you Board of Supervisors for your vital support.


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