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Incumbent Fails to Receive SMC Dems Endorsement for Assessor

APRIL 8, 2022, SAN MATEO, CALIF. — In recognition that he has little to show for his twelve years in office, the San Mateo County Democratic Party chose to not endorse incumbent Mark Church in the upcoming June 7 primary election.

“After 12 years of literally dialing it in and barely ever showing up at the office, it's high time for change at the top,” one party member in attendance commented.

And there's more. Failing to garner backing from virtually any of his political establishment buddies despite much backroom arm twisting, resorting to petty mudslinging against his rivals, dodging the press on his record, avoiding debate on the issues in public forums, and not showing his face at the office - not a good look for an incumbent.

A contentious work environment with SEIU 521, the union representing frontline assessor and elections personnel has seen numerous complaints brought before the Public Employee Labor Review Board including most recently the placing security cameras in break rooms and over workers’ cubicles - pretty much all places an employee may venture but not in executive offices. Multiple failed technology upgrades have left frontline assessor’s office professionals without the critical tools needed to do their jobs while the incumbent regularly touts advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning are just around the corner.

While Church claims the “department is a model of innovation, efficiency and inclusion and is recognized as a leader,” lack of subject matter experts at the helm of elections since David Tom left in 2017 had made representation from San Mateo MIA from most statewide elections collaboration. All the ‘recognition’ listed on the office’s website come from vendors or were self-nominated. The office’s five year strategic plan has been pulled from the site altogether.

Pollack is seeking to make long overdue improvements. “From birth to marriage, property ownership, and civic engagement in elections, the next Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder & Chief Elections Officer needs to be there for the community at key times in our lives. San Mateo County deserves non-partisan officeholders dedicated to leading with subject matter expertise in overseeing the office’s complex operations, ensuring transparency and accessibility for all," Pollack stated at his campaign launch.

David Pollack graduated from The George Washington University with a B.A. in Economics and Japanese Studies. Pollack has spent most of his career as a cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection professional. He is currently founder and principal consultant at FirstAID Labs, where he helps Bay Area nonprofits forge relationships with the philanthropic world. Heeding the call for help in the classroom, most days you’ll find him substitute teaching in area classrooms.


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